Quality Control

Nebco Textiles has been doing commission warping, Knitting, crushing, Laminating, printing and finishing for more than two decades. We have extensive understanding and Quality control of warp knits, circular knits, lamination's in a wide range of Weights and constructions and have ability to work with very wide widths of fabrics up to 180”. At every level from yarn stage to final product strict inspection controls are maintained to meet international standards.


The yarns are tested on tensing machines for there tenacity, we also do strength test, elongation test etc, necessary for manufacturing a consistent and high quality yarns for our products. Below is the quality test values for our yarns.


Each fabric manufactured are thoroughly tested for color fastening, tearing strength, tensile strength, seam slippage, seam strength and are dyed from renowned processing houses which are guaranteed ozo-free and meet the international standards in terms of quality.