Lamination & Bonding is at the core of most of our Textile products. Fabric-to-Foam (Flame Lamination) & Fabric-to-Fabric (Hot Melt Bonding).

We cater to a variety of industries including but not limited to automotive, medical, home furnishing, and apparel textiles. The scope of our work ranges from job-work processing, to direct sale of greige fabrics (RFD), and also the sale of finished-dyed/value-added fabrics.

We also have a rich experience, of over 30 years in the manufacture of Warp & Circular knitted fabrics.

Custom manufacturing is our strongest asset. Vertically integrated and technically advanced, NEBCO operates under rigid quality control measures, advocates for innovation, and imparts technical assistance to its supply partners.

NEBCO has broadened its scope to satisfy the most demanding and highly technical needs, both in Industrial fabrics and Home textiles. Tell us your end-use, and let us deploy our complex network and resources to deliver unparalleled value.